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New Hampshire Songwriter

Canterbury, New Hampshire USA

50 years of stories in random order. You can take them one at a time, or all together and try to figure out the sequence. They are mostly true but I won’t say which parts are true and which ones are fiction.

Hard to know where they come from, but once they turn into a song they have a life of their own. There’s one tune for Uvalde, Texas, one for Matthew Shepard, and one for John Lennon. The rest are all about me because that’s what I know best.

I took a 40 year detour to make a living building things, repairing old churches, old furniture, old houses. I like old things. Did just enough radio, cable TV, a few big halls and a lot of bars to see if I could play in the game. Mostly I kept the music to myself.

Time for these tunes to grow up, move out of the house, go out into the world to seek their fortune. Some of them might mean something to somebody sometime, then they can be mostly true again.

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One Take Way Back


The Bugs

A Night So Cold


Making Noise

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